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Samsonite International S.A. (SEHK: 1910) is a luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases. The company was founded in Denver, Colorado, United States. Its registered office is in Luxembourg and it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Samsonite products have poor quality and are overpriced, according to Nelly at

"This is just a horrible company. They charge so much for their luggage but it's of such poor quality! I had a small trolley for 3 years but in fact, I actually used it only several times. At the end of these 3 years, I finally had to use it and unfortunately had dragged it for 30 minutes on the street and one of the wheels rubbed to the core. How can the wheel be so delicate? Are they only designed for people who don't carry it more than 5 minutes a use? I had to replace the wheel and pay 17.5 Euros for it. So annoying! I learned my lesson - never Samsonite and never a 4 wheeler!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This was, by far,the worst company I have ever worked for.There is a gross amount of mismanagement on the part of managers,district managers and corporate alike. Favoritism is strong within this company and you can work as hard as you want, but will still be reprimanded for others mistakes.You will be asked for feedback on what can be done to correct workplace issues,operations,sales etc.But this is to create a false sense of security.No one cares what happens to you here.If you raise a concern it will be overlooked.I’ve seen associates and management alike,steal sales,mark discounts incorrectly;Just so many issues."

Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"You will not be given any respect or input commensurate with your job title. The sales floor culture is toxic. It’s like Thunderdome or the Hunger Games. Employees are encouraged to interrupt each other and interfere as long as the sale is closed."

Former Employee - Shift Supervisor says

"We are writing to inform you that due to unfortunate circumstances considering the loss of hours, unfair treatment of our employees as well as the new addition to management we are going to be leaving the company. Being with the company for many years has taught us many things but the change that has been occurring these last few months are beyond prevalent with the loss of stores and the drops in the stock market. You couldn't live with your own failurs such that the "company" has attempted various outlets to bring in revenue which clearly hasnt been working. Therefore us leaving couldnt be any more inevitable"

Former Employee - Sales Supervisor says

"-management are lazy and dumb -pay -hire morons to run their stores -they don’t like employees who have worked for the company for a long time -let management get away with sexually harassing staff -let management pee everywhere and come to work with mrsa"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The safety for the employee is incredible poor. The stockroom of the most of the stores is very dangerous, humid and full of mold and sometimes you can find rats and mice. It’s very uncomfortable to work there, you have to move big boxes all day long, boxes that are piled one over the other without shelves. Sometimes you don’t even have steps. If you ask for shelves, steps or tables for work or if you point to the lack of safety for the employees, they look at you as uneasy to work with."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Too many meetings and they are all too long. Whatever amount of time the meeting is scheduled for, double it and add half again. -Sales and the customers walk all over the company. No need for a rules when the customer gets their way every time. -Everyone says "BASICALLY" 75 times a day. Or what "the biggest thing" is. -Don't take time off and expect to be left alone. They won't stop bothering you even if you're on vacation, but they disappear without a trace when THEY'RE the ones taking time off. I finally just turned my phone off to stop their idiocy. They didn't like that. I didn't care."

Warehouse says

"They don't let you move up"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is where dreams go to die. If you are highly motivated, remotely assertive, or interested in learning... anything, run in the opposite direction. I have never worked with a stranger, more incompetent group of people in my life. I know people complain about management, but seriously none of these people have a clue of what they want, how they want it, why they want it, what planet we're on, how to tie their shoes, etc. "Fit" is paramount. Statements like "you're going to need to dumb it down a bit to fit in here" and "having your teammates like you is the most important thing" were favorites of my manager, along with "here are all the reasons why every person in this office sucks at their job, and life. God I hate it here." Comical amount of nepotism. Vast majority of employees have never, and will never, worked anywhere else. Benefits are pretty much crap. 2 weeks vacation, basically no tuition reimbursement, dental insurance doesn't cover a full cleaning. Office is old and depressing. There are absolutely zero building perks."

Former Employee - Part Time Supervisor says

"I have never been treated so poorly by a store manager in my entire 35 years of employment. The store manager is a tyrant. She makes her employees so afraid of her that the overall work experience is so stressful that most employees are so uptight. They are afraid to speak their mind in fear of retaliation."

Natl Sales Manager, Premium Special Markets says

"The company has had many owners over the last 100 years, some of the recent private equity investors have been out to make a quick profit, and flip the company, which has proved detrimental to the company and employees"

Promotora (Former Employee) says

"Mala gestión de los encargados al momento de mandarte al puesto de trabajo, pésima experiencia laboralNingunotodos"

Warehouse Worker/Driver (Former Employee) says

"I would NOT recommend this job to anyone, they don't care about the employee's and no opportunity for growth. I had an emergency come up that I could not ignore, I called out. The management knew the details of that emergency and they released me from that assignment, and I never received the 1 week paid vacation which I earned."

Gestione vendita (Former Employee) says

"Per questa azienda sei solo un " numero". Nessuna possibilita' di crescita."

Promo Vendedor Apoyo Temporada Escolar (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente laboral es tóxico, no hay buena comunicación (tanto con el jefe directo como el supervisor) A la jefatura sólo le interesa las ventas y no están al tanto de sus colaboradores. Pagan 11.000 diarios de 11:00hrs - 21:00hrs, sin contar lo sacrificado que es el trabajo. No reconocen ni tus ventas ni mucho menos tus logros. Pros: Buenos compañeros tanto de la misma marca como la de las competencias. Aprendí todo lo que conlleva el puesto laboral como asistente en ventas, atención al cliente, realizar inventarios, orden de bodega, etc. Contra: Explotación laboral. La jefatura son incompetentes, no resuelven los problemas. Sueldo"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Everyone left this company very quickly. Especially after a selling culture that ‘promotes customer service ‘ was enforced. Aggressive employees are encouraged to insert themselves between co-workers and customers. Anything to close the sale. If you complain about the disrespectful culture you are told you are the problem and your co-worker isn’t hostile but just focused on customer service and trying to help you out. That’s why they lost an entire sales team. TwiceCan’t think of anySchedule changes, people quitting regularly, lack of resolutions to employee clashes"

Promotor (Former Employee) says

"No valoran el compromiso del trabajador, no son éticos, el supervisor debiera de ser un externo, no un trabajador de tienda ya que esto trae vicios dentro de los puntos, les falta mucha preparación. valoran es el amiguismo y no el trabajo realizado por el promotor. les falta demasiado...."

Bőrdíszműves (Former Employee) says

"Régen jó volt de most.Hát azt hagyjuk.Ez már nem az a hely ami régen volt.Régen még minőségi termékeket gyártottunk most már egyre silányabb a minőségi követelmény."

Sales Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible. Doesn’t pull weight and just stands over and watches employees work. Poorly trained. Seems like manager never was an actual store manager. Avoid with all cost.Luggage discountThe whole company"

Assistente de loja (Former Employee) says

"Não é uma empresa de confiança, brinca o com os colaboradores péssima empresaNão haTudo"

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"I picked up a lot of things from Samsonite i drive everything in the building one of the best workers on the floor before this job i was line production leader for 2 years work great with co workers ready for work"

店助理 (Former Employee) says

"Very bad job … everythings bad Very Bad working environment…"

Master Pricing Analyst and Compliance Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Working at Samsonite educated me in luggage and that was a plus. But there was no room for advancement and management was very closed doors. Working long hours without appreciation of the dedication that we all put forth."

Store Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Terrible environment in store with a staff member that seems to be untouchable. Lack of support from upper management and HR.noneNo sick or personal time. Salary based on 40 hours regual pay and 5 hours overtime."

Promotor (Former Employee) says

"Poco compromiso, bajo interés por mantener insumos al día. Supervisores nocalificados.Permiten desarrollar tus cualidades con atención al clientePoca preocupación"

Assistente de loja (Former Employee) says

"Fraco ambiente de trabalho e fraca gerência e salários muito baixos."

Bridgend -Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"Dangerous stock room as cases are piled high on one another falling onto staff, unprofessional management, bullying isn’t taken seriously, no work life balance , no job security or space to advanceGood sales assistant payBullying & dangerous"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"The workers fight on a constant level. The supervisors don't necessarily keep everyone upbeat and cheerful to where they would love to continue the work, but they mainly just shout and put the others down."

Store Supervisor (Full-time) says

"They paid min wage so it is hard for them to hire people. The managers are mean and treat people un-fair. They spend whole day in the back and doing the facetime or playing the game on their phone. They expect PT doing things and they get the bonus."

Addetta alla vendita (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente stressante, lavoro mal organizzato, pessima organizzazione lavorativa, pessima capacità comunicattiva e gestionale della Retail manager Italia, false aspettative, false pause, lavoro da svolgere superiore alle mansioni di contratto ovvero: gestione magazzino, scarico e carico nerce, cassa, gestione contabile, trasferimento merce con proprio mezzo da una sede all'altra, pulizie di fondo, vetrine e allestimenti totali, lavoro extra chiusura non retribuito...oltre alla mansione di Addetta vendite (come da contratto) senza alcun accostamento a colleghe, complemente soli durante il turno di lavoro (all'interno di un centro commerciale, quindi a porte aperte, con scarichi carichi magazzino e cassa da gestire).Buoni pastoAmbiente, stress, orari, management e organizzazione pessimi"

Addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Non ci sono parole per esprimere come ti sfruttano! Tanto sacrificio familiare durato 3 anni tante promesse mai mantenute poi comunque ritrovarsi a casa e con una sempre raccomandata!Tutto"

Veronica Edlund says

"The handle of my new bag broke after 1 trip. I took it to a samsonite shop , they sent the bag off to be looked at, it came back 1 month later. And they said there is nothing they can do as the bag was bought in America. Neither could they tell me what to do instead or where to send it. Very odd. Since then I have tried to use the contact form on the website for returns and warranty, and it was faulty and unable to send. (Haha, is that a coincidence...?) I have tried to email them, the email got transferred to the right department and they said I would be answered within 7 days. It has been 2 or 3 months and I haven't heard back. Very expensive bags, poor quality and poor costumer service. Unfortunately. I don't like leaving bad reviews, this might be the first time, but I think I should as a consumer when the service is this bad."

Kitty Collins says

"Samsonite Spettro 25" Spinner. The TSA lock on suitcase does not have the tiny button for re/setting lock. No instructions were included. No information on website or YouTube show this type of lock. Samsonite website provides link to YouTube video that does not match suitcase lock. Submitted questions to Customer Service twice and response did not provide directions nor did links to YouTube. I travel extensively. This is my first and last Samsonite purchase ."

Oskar waris' says

"0/5 Products are great, but customer support is terrible. If you have an actual problem, you won't get help. Seems like the strategy is just to ignore the customer until the customer gives up. I had a mistake in the engraving, and I contacted support four hours after my order was placed. Then I tried calling the support multiple times, and no one replied. The only reply I got was two days late, and it just said “sorry for the inconvenience”. I feel extremely frustrated with this problem, since I spent over 600 euros and no one even bothered to help me. I recommend buying from other companies, that care about their customers."

Sandy says

"I bought a pixon suitcase, choosing like everyone else to make the purchase on account of their brand reputation. Huge mistake. The intergrate lad scale in the suitcase simply doesn’t work. Samsonite have also shown little regard for customer satisfaction, and have not responded to my attempts to contact them. Also you are expected to cover any of the return costs if the product is faulty. Very shocking experience!"

cah says

"Worst customer service. If I could give it zero stars I would. I tried to register my two sets of luggage and their website will not let you complete the registration. The box to select the color is shaded out which then will not allow you to continue the registration. I sent Samsonite three emails requesting help and they still have not responded. The worst customer service after the sale. No way of contacting a live person, just a email black hole."

Hassan Kamall says

"Just to confirm what most people have said here. I bought a Samsonite case as I thought they were the market leaders. There was nothing wrong with my old case but I thought I’d treat myself. The zipper on the new Samsonite case broke the first time I used it and I’ve been trying to speak to someone ever since. I did find a number for them. It has a couple of useless alternatives and then cuts you off. I would definitely advise against buying any of their products because they are not as good as their reputation suggests and if there is a fault it will cost you time and money to get it fixed if you manage to get it fixed. Luckily I still have my old case which I will revert to and bin the Samsonite!!"

Joe Smith says

"Non existent customer service. I ordered a replacement wheel for a Samsonite Spinner suitcase. I received the incorrect wheel and tried to return it. I tried to initiate a return on the Samsonite website. It said they couldn't find my email address even though I received an email receipt. I also received an invoice in the mail. I tried the online chat as well as calling customer service. Neither could find my email address or the invoice number. They gave me the email address for eBags. I received an auto reply saying I would get a response within 7 business days. I never received a response. I emailed customer service, got the same auto reply message and never received a response. I wrote a letter to Samsonite and included both the email receipt as well and the mailed in voice. I have never received a reply from the letter. The Samsonite website says a return can be initiated at a Samsonite retailer. I called the local Samsonite retailer and they said they never heard of this and I couldn't bring the incorrect wheel to their store. Needless to say I will never buy a Samsonite product again."

Yitong Ma says

"Worst customer service ever. I accidentally placed my order twice because I was having some trouble with the website. I emailed and called and they cannot cancel any order. They told me I can return it once I receive the item but I will have to pay for the shipping, too. Seriously. I am outraged."

Monica says

"If I could give a negative number, I would. First of all, there is no number on their website to call them. Somehow I accidentally ordered 2 of the suitcase I wanted. I immediately realized the mistake, but there was no way to contact them. Their "chat now" program gave no response. Email didn't get back to me for a week and of course by then said it was too late to stop the 2nd bag from being sent. THEN I wanted to return them because I didn't like them and also because I was just so mad at the company that I didn't want to support them. The return process online would not let me print two labels. It was 2 of the same item, but the system only sends 1 return label... for 2 boxes. I called and I called and every time they said it would be fixed in 72 hours. This occurred every 72 hours for WEEKS. NO SOLUTION. I cried. I begged. I spoke to managers. Everyone assured me it would be fixed in 72 hours and to check back. I finally broke down and sent them both FedEx and paid to ship the second one myself, but not having the discounted rate Samsonite does, I had to pay $60 (!!!) to ship the second suitcase back to them, (that if they had had a phone number on their site I could have cancelled the second I ordered it and never received in the first place). NOW I have notification of both suitcases being delivered by FedEx, but Samsonite... get this... only refunded me for one! When I called, they of course said, "Please give it 72 hours"... and of course they refused to reimburse me the additional shipping cost. Enough said. THE. WORST. SUITCASE. COMPANY. EVER. All I can do now is get satisfaction from letting the world know how terrible they are."

Oscar e Seibel says

"I purchased online American Tourister 2 piece Disney series as a gift May 23, 2020 for delivery to granddaughter graduation. First use of luggage was the end of August, 2020 when leaving for college. before getting to airport both carry handles snapped. Very difficult to contact Samsonite. Finally talked to someone, but somone they outsourced to help with purchases. Was advised could not get refund was beyond 30 days only option was take it for repair. Granddaughter is in dorm, cannot leave campus until end of semester and no outside visitors even family. Suggested they send someone if they want it back and they can pick up at dorm in Florida I am in Wisconsin. I want a full refund to my credit card. I have notified paypal and they suggested trying to work with merchant. There are no phone numbers listed for Samsonite other than outsourced personnel. Terrible customer service and cheap defective product. Surprised Disney allows them to use their name. An innocent gift turned into a nightmare. AVOID SAMSONITE AND AMERICAN TOURISTER!!! Transaction ID 92X860926U123111A Invoice ID AT00459629"

EZ says

"I bought a $185 Samsonite carry on bag from Ross, for $95. Much more than the cheap $15 carry on bags they sell, but I was tired of wheels getting difficult to spin, handle issues, etc. I wanted to have a bag I could trust for a long time. So less than a year after purchase, one of the 'silhouette sphere wheels' breaks. Now - the bag is guaranteed for 10 years, so I call a Samsonite dealer. Can they repair? Nope. They need to mail it to some center to remove 5 screws (I checked) and put a new wheel in. Can I buy the wheels myself? Nope. It has to be through them. The 'free' repair costs $10 for shipping. Not a bad cost, right? Well, when the bag is $185 new, it isn't a bad cost. But then...why not just buy the cheap bag and replace it when it gets old? One can donate it to Good Will or the Salvation Army, so the poor can use it and get some life out of it. So seriously - save your money. Don't buy Samsonite."

kürşat durmuş says

"I bought a laptop backbag from a mall in Turkey. When I went home, I realized that the bag is not big enough for my needs. I went back to the shop on the next day and I wanted my money back. Unfortunately they did not accept my request. Is there any way to get my money back?"

Robert Fischer says

"Dear Friends, just a kind reminder on the terrible customer service of Samsonite #samsonite They can’t service their €500 Cosmolite suitcases, losing a wheel due to a damage on Singapore Airlines made this suitcase completely worthless and useless. Especially the service of World of Samsonite on Bali in Bali Galeria was awful, no support, no help, no solution. Will never buy Samsonite again, I suggest you don’t do either! #terriblecustomerservice"

Katie says

"Really outdated returns service requires emailing them waiting a few days for for a label to be manually sent to you. Then you're given a label that requires printing who even owns a home printer anymore? No public printing services are available because of covid either. You then have to ring UPS to arrange pickup, no online option. And somehow you need to do all this in 14 days... This is really time consuming and inconvenient. It makes the company seem like its stuck in 1990s and falls far short of what every other competitor is offering. I won't shop here again purely because its not customer friendly and has honestly been far too much work to try and return one item."

Jimmy Samsonite says

"Nice name........."

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